Should I believe an ex-boyfriend when he says "he needs to get his act together"?


Okay, I'll try to make a long story short:
For 3 months my boyfriend I were together, everything was great. We would talk all the time and hang out at least twice a week and have lots of physical fun. He consistently told me how happy he was with and admired me. Then he held hands and cuddled with his female friend who was crying about being suicidal (apparently), while I was at a funeral. For two weeks he wouldn't talk to me, saying he's depressed. Then I found out about what happened and called him super pissed and all hell broke loose... We were both crying/yelling/swearing and didn't talk for a few days.
When we met again, he was crying and apologizing, saying he's sorry and messed up with anger and connection issues from being raised by a single dad in the Navy. He said he's depressed (from losing his job, having singing competitions, and bad grades) and wanted to take time apart, to which I responded, "I love you, but you're lying. If you want others girls , don't expect me to be here when you come back." He said we hadn't dated long enough to love me, but didn't want to lose me and would work to show how special I am. A month and a half passed... and he only asked to hang out once. He would always talk/text and be affectionate if I initiated it, but rarely initiated talking. If I tried to set something up, he always seemed rushed to get back to his house to "hang out with his dad" (he leaves all the time for a couple days), or tell me he can't because he's hanging out him. I kept asking if he is still depressed but he kept saying he's fine. Finally, last week, I called him and said I don't feel appreciated. He basically started acting emotionless and uncaring. I broke up with him and the last thing he said was "It's not that I don't want you, I'm just too dedicated to getting my act together. Sorry."
Should I believe that's it? And if he eventually tries to reinitiate the relationship, should I tell him to F off or cautiously welcome him back?
Should I believe an ex-boyfriend when he says "he needs to get his act together"?
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