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I met my ex online when he was bummin it. I used to drive two hours to see him weekly, paid for hotel, and began pushing him to get a job. In the beginning he was bragging how he told his mom about me. I met friends and stuff but he began arguing over stupid stuff, acting childish, not talking for days then messaging me again. Weve been on and off for two years. He left me in January, stalked me under a different account and messaged me like he was some other guy then revealed himself. He asked if I was free one day so we could go out I said yeah and then he got called into work. The next day he had off I asked if he was off he said yeah but he's catching up on "beauty rest". I said is that what u call it now? And blocked him. Eventually I felt sad and unblocked him and he blocked me. Childish af I know but is he coming back? He always breaks up and comes back or blocks and comes back but this time it's different. I've needed him emotionally when I was losing my mom and he fought with me told me to grow up and stfu and stop crying. I left him and he came back 3 months later crying in the best girlfriend he ever had and he doesn't handle those situations well. This guy is nuts in my opinion. When I've accused him of cheating once he broke down in tears saying "I'm doing everything to leave my moms house and get a car again but I spend my mom buying u a bracelet or paying hotels and dinner to be with u and u think I'm cheating?" Well umm hello when u u friend me over some argument and add ur ex and like her pics when u supposedly hate the bitch I have a right to question

so I know he's pissed at what I said which is why I'm blocked now. My question is do u think he's coming back again? How do I make him mine again since I know 99% he's stalking my profile. Again.

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I woke up to two emails this morning from him asking why I blocked him and the second say we need to ummm "meet" again. I'm not in the mood for these games. I unblocked him and then he blocked me and now he wants to play dumb? I think either I'm not gunna reply or just say I'm done and tell him to fuck off.


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  • is he coming back? probably... that seems to be the pattern right?

    • He came back but fought again within minutes and we haven't talked to eachother Since. It's just like it answered my question for itself.

    • no... its like I SAID there was a pattern... and it happened...

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  • Jesus Christ listen to yourself. If one of your friends came to you and explained that a guy she was constantly on and off with behaved this way, would you seriously tell her to keep being in this mess or would you tell her to just cut the guy out of her life once and for all?
    You'd probably say the latter. No sane person would encourage someone to stay in a mess like this. That guy is crazy and you're also crazy for wanting him back. Like what the actual fuck.

    • Yeah it's easy to say from outside when you don't have memories with the person u know... it's like Everytime we fought he would make it why it's my fault and not his so I guess I convinced myself to think it was my fault I lost him.

      Sure enough today I woke up and he messaged me. I ignored it. He asked why I have him blocked which like I said I unblocked him and he went and blocked me. He's playing games and I'm tired of it. I think I'm gunna tell him to fuck off and be done with it.

    • Even with all the nice memories it sounds like the bad outweigh the good by a landslide. Don't even bother telling him to fuck off, block him and move on instead.

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  • Dump his ass. Sounds like he's using you for sex

  • You want to make him yours again? But Why?

    • Because I don't know why but I love him. I've wrongly accused him of cheating before which I think led to our fights or him being tired of me. I feel like it's my fault and I lost the best guy I ever had. He messaged me today tho. Asking why I have him blocked but I know he has me blocked and he's playing games. I'm not up for it so I'm done I think I just won't reply.

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    • If this guy is the best guy ever you met how was the worst one my God.

    • The worst one left me and married his 15 year old cousin lmao

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