What Is His Intentions?

I hung out with my ex boyfriend two nights ago. My ex boyfriend and I have been broken up two years now. We talk every now and then but never ever hangout. Nothing happened we just talked about life and both are relationships. How life has changed and how he thinks I’m cool. He said “ You were cool our relationship ended because you were moving away there weren’t really a problem. I like hanging out with you”

I was like ok; because it was true we didn’t really have issues. He asked me “Why do you think we broke up?”

I said because I was mad at you because you left me at my grandmas house to go play ball with your friends. Then you told me you were getting high in your room with a girl from work. He said “I never cheated on you and if it means anything I’m sorry for leaving you and Im sorry for having that girl in my room.” I said I accept. Then he said how long you been with your bf? Are you serious about him? Are you dating to get married?” I told I’m not looking to get married right now that’s going to take a few years. Then he started to remind me of the sex we had and how I still look nice. I asked him does your girlfriend know I’m here? He said, “No, I’m not telling her that” I said ok


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  • Umm his intentions don't look good... Because he asked you how serious your are with your boyfriend.. means he was looking for a chance to have sex with you and all of maybe he wants to get back... with you or cheat on his girlfriend...

    whatever it is your shouldn't be hanging out with your ex... I don't know why you are doing that... It's very disrespectful towards your boyfriend..
    You should so hanging out with him... Don't go the next time..
    I hope your do the right thing is your love your boyfriend

    • Did your boyfriend know you were hanging out with him?
      If not then you are already emotionally cheating

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  • Whatever his intentions were, they were not in your best interest or the best interest of his girlfriend. No matter how much you want to, you can never trust someone who is going behind someone's back and disrespecting them/shitting all over them right in front of your face. They will do the same thing to you sooner or later.

    • Most definitely

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    • Hanging out with his ex while he has a girlfriend and not gonna tell her about it. Thats crazy.

    • It's crazy that he even met up with you! Super disrespectful!

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  • he'll do what he done before... unfortunately he's doing it now but with another girl (his girlfriend).
    sorry, but that guy is looking for a temporary pleasure (sex).
    try to get rid of him, his presence in your life will cause more disruption.


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