What Is His Intentions?

I hung out with my ex boyfriend two nights ago. My ex boyfriend and I have been broken up two years now. We talk every now and then but never ever hangout. Nothing happened we just talked about life and both are relationships. How life has changed and how he thinks I’m cool. He said “ You were cool our relationship ended because you were moving away there weren’t really a problem. I like hanging out with you”

I was like ok; because it was true we didn’t really have issues. He asked me “Why do you think we broke up?”

I said because I was mad at you because you left me at my grandmas house to go play ball with your friends. Then you told me you were getting high in your room with a girl from work. He said “I never cheated on you and if it means anything I’m sorry for leaving you and Im sorry for having that girl in my room.” I said I accept. Then he said how long you been with your bf? Are you serious about him? Are you dating to get married?” I told I’m not looking to get married right now that’s going to take a few years. Then he started to remind me of the sex we had and how I still look nice. I asked him does your girlfriend know I’m here? He said, “No, I’m not telling her that” I said ok
What Is His Intentions?
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