Girls, - how should a man go about getting an ex girlfriend back?

Has been a few months since we broke up. I have learnt a lot about myself and feel confident to give things another, improved shot. All the advice seems to be from men, so I was wondering what you girls would suggest as a good way to go about things. We didn't have an angry break up and have been in friendly contact a couple times since the break up.


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  • Well, why did things end? Have those issues been resolved?

    If you two are on good terms, then that's a good sign. But you really need to make sure whatever it is that caused the breakup is not going to happen again. Or that you two can work past it.

    If you are in friendly contact, then just try spending time together again. Do things that you both think are fun. Bring that fun back into the picture. Then kind of flirt with her and see how receptive she is. Then if you both seem to want to be together and things are going great, then maybe ask her out again?

    • Thank you for your advice. She ended things as she felt she was too busy for a relationship, and I was becoming a bit clingy and she felt she couldn't provide me with the time that I needed. I have since worked through a lot of things and realised that she was right. I would just like a second chance so she can see the new me.

    • Then I would bring that up when you talk to her eventually. Let her know you have been working on yourself. Is she still busy though?

      I would also think about whether she has enough time to give you what you want and need in a relationship too. It's great to be busy, but your needs are important too. It's fine to train yourself to live without the other person and to be happy without seeing her all the time. But it's not too much to ask to see your partner from time to time. They should also be willing to meet you in the middle. It shouldn't be about you changing yourself to accept her how she is.

      She also has to make the relationship a priority.

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  • just wait for a while... wait dont text her back for 3 weeks! i know it is hard but do it!

    after 3 weeks you can text her back asking about how is she doing and stuff. how did you miss the old day etc. it will help to recover the bad part.

    but honestly, girls like someone who show that they care about her. my opinions, just make sure to show her that u care about her...

  • I wish my ex did the same. But its not a good thing to mix emotions!

  • Well how did the relationship end?


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