Should I Just Move ON from the situation?

For the first 3 months my ex and I had a wonderful relationship and then things started to happen. Each of us was were going through a rough emotional period, we were in the kind of relationship that we honestly wanted to save each other, we ended up getting back together, only to break up again. He stop talking to me altogether, I admit that I did a stupid thing by chasing after him with no response. I did an even more stupid thing by creating a fake profile on the dating website he was on, I was pissed because I received no proper closure. I found out some things I wanted to find out by being this fake person, and I did not like what I was hearing. So I emailed him, and he gave me this story about how he knew the entire time I was behind it, how he could not believe that it was me. How he was not ready for any form of contact, he expected more from me and how he cried, cursed, and punched a wall because I pulled this on him. He asked me to give him a damn good reason why I should get another chance and me may talk to me again. He deleted me on FB a long time ago, but not twitter. Anyway I had noticed that I had one less follower, and yes it was him. I sent him a short text, telling him how sorry I was for everything but he could have ended it all by telling me. Well he comes back with a text saying how he is still angry over the last stunt I pulled and now is not the time to work anything out. He said I had a choice and he wants me to be happy. Saying he doesn't want to move forward right now when I do, and to leave him be until he is ready to talk, if he ever will. Well come to find out that I find out from one of our mutual friends who is one of my best friends, he is talking to someone right now and has just added her on FB. I know I sound pathetic and I know my behavior was. I was in love with him, and he has given me no proper closure.
Should I Just Move ON from the situation?
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