My friend is going through divorce. How can I help her through this?

Right now they are just separated as the procedure beginns and the two of us are pretty close.
They have been together for 8 years and almost 2 years married. It was never great, if you ask me but she is a very close, dear friend and what was a going to say:"You're going into a dead end?" It's her life, I respect her choices no matter how I feel about them.
Now she is almost 35, she wanted children really , really badly but it just didn't happen and she is just all around very misrable right now.
And I would just like to know, for all of you that went through this, what can I do to help? I dont want to bother her but I want her to know Im here for her. What got you through this tough time?
How do I do that?


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  • I have no experience with this but just problems in general its always good for her to just express her feelings and have someone who will listen.

    • Im always here to listen, man :/
      Its just hard to watch someone you care for fall apart and being powerless to do anything.

    • She will get better. Just takes time to heal.

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  • i feel her pain and actually what she doesn't want is to hear the cliche's people come out with.

    I went out with my friends the other night and it annoyed me they kept reassuring me everything would be ok and it was just annoying. Let her deal with things her own way and distract her but let her do the talking

    • So just the fact we're close should be enough for her to open WHEN she feels like it, thats what you're telling me?

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    • Thank you.
      If you dont mind me asking, were you married for a long time?

    • The first time, 6 years. Recently almost 4 and neither were an issue between partners but were outside issues so I struggle to deal with realising it isn't about who I am with when I meet great people and outside factors still tear us apart.

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  • Get active. Maybe some yoga classes... spin... etc. Exercise stimulates the happy cells in the brain and alleviates some of the pain. Keep her busy!

  • Take her out. Be willing to listen without trying to help or judge.


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  • Just stay by her side and make her dinner. Take her out to eat.


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