Do I have to stop talking to ex?

Not Ex per-se,

I crushed/infatuated/fell in love with a this really nice female coworker.

She broke my heart when she said we were just friends.

We are not not leaving the job anytime soon,

I am conflicted, because on one side I want to talk to her, be her friend, make her laugh... we have fun talking to each other... She is nice, sweet, funny, caring, I love her...

On the other side, I can only feel better if she is not in my life, ignoring her, staying away, limiting contact as much as possible and be emotionless towards her...

Is there a way we can talk without hurting me?

Do I just have to cut everything off with her?

I have been distant from her, but I just talked to her, made her smile and laugh and now I just feel hurt again. :(

Any advice?


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  • Avoid her and give it time, otherwise you'll be sad and confused and hurt whenever you guys talk. You need to get over her first before you can re-initiate something like this.

    • Yes I am sad, confused and hurt whenever I talk to her.

      Will I ever get over her? How will I know?

      Like I felt strong today, and felt like I had no feelings but now I feel sad after talking to her :(

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    • I guess I really have to avoid her, I am really sad/hurt and still think of her everyday... I don't know what to do, who to talk to, it's been a year... I really loved her :(

    • I'm sorry :/

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