Girls, Would you be sexually frustrated and feel the relationship as a huge burden?

If you unfortunately ended up in a relationship with a very hairy guy?
No girl is answering it 😞😠😞


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  • What is wrong with hair? I do not care about it either way. The last guy I was seeing was very hairy, it was no big deal. He had a great head of hair and probably will forever so there are always trade offs.

    • Not every very hairy bodied man is blessed with nice head hair forever. If anything very hairy men tend to get bald easily.
      won't you feel disgusted and disturbed to look at a man who has lots and lots of thick coarse curly hairs almost ALL over his body?

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  • I don't understand what hair has to do with sexual frustration or a burden. Clean the shower drain and were all good

    • ROFLMAO clean. Shower drain!!
      Clean shave his body?

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    • Nothing wrong with that

    • Hmm OK that's cool if you feel this way

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