Why did my ex get in touch 4 months after I ended it?

So I met him October , Halloween to be exact. He was so lovely in beginning. Chatted me up infront of my mom. Exchanged numbers and then got talking more after then.

Then we started going out on dates. An nights out. He would Change more wild , and would leave me behind. I felt like I was on my own during night. I felt like he wasn't ready for a relationship. He started saying it. I was so crazy about him that I did avoid it. I fell for him pretty quick.

He upset me on a night out and I felt fed up. Ended it after being humiliated nye. And he was like I love you etc. Then we spoke few days into new year then I cut contact got on with my life without him. Exactly 4 months later , he messages me asking how I am. And apologising for everything. My heart sank.

I never really got over him. I just had to move on as he wasn't fully ready to be with me. He said where have I been and why did I cut him off like he was Indenial almost. He apologised which I accept as I don't want to hate how he treated me for rest of my life.

He said he does care for me. An I said me and him are past but hope he's good. He said 😘😘😘😘
he rang me this morning in the am but I wasn't ready to talk : a part of me will always love him so my emotions are to the surface as I felt like was finally moving on from him. I know he can't be the guy I want but it's so hard to talk to him without those feelings returning. I have met an amazing guy husband material ; but this has messed me a bit


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  • your writing is a bit confusing, but I get the jist of it...

    Get counseling now to fix up your feelings. slow it down with the new guy until you get those feelings worked out. The other guy sent you signals early on he wasn't ready but you bonded to him (likely means sex occurred). That's why that is a big mistake early on, women become emotionally bonded and it takes time and effort to break those bonds so you can have a relationship with someone that is really ready for it.

    • Oh I don't need counselling I am fine lol. Just saying it brings up old bad emotions that's all. I've been single 5 months and meeting this guy has been amazing Cus he's so lovely. We didn't sleep together no. The guy I've met is ten times the guy my ex is tbh so I know I upgraded

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    • ok, glad to hear it. keep me posted how this goes.

    • Everything is going amazing. We are official and making plans for future. He took me to an amazing 25th floor 5 star restaurant Marco Pierre. And spoilt me. Then we went to bar and for some dancing. Tonight we go cinema 😌

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    • I've gave what happened. If it bothered u so much simply don't answer best way to do things if you don't like it ignore and keep it moving. Always one idiot I see

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