Have you ever lost someone you cared about?

i lost a friend of me , she was the coolest. she always listened and was very sarcastic and amazing funny lol but she left me because I lost her trust and I don't know people tell me time can change that but as time passes knowing I p*ssed her of makes me ache do you guys see where I am coming with this.i guess the question is how do I heal if she doesn't return that's all.

thank you guys

take care


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  • They say time heals all wounds, and unfortunately sometimes it takes a lot of time. You stated that you lost her trust, have you written her a heartfelt apology?

    • Thanks for your answer, I did I don't know how to give it to her she says we sould no longer communicate, and I might think I understand why she said that but I feel bad that I went over her trust it aches.

  • Luckily, I can't say I have.


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