What are some signs your ex wants you back?

1. He broke up with me 3 fridays ago
2 since then he contacted me 2 times once the first Friday after to see how I was and the next was the next Saturday for the same reason.
The Friday he contacted me late so I didn't answer until the next day, responded, he read it but never responded to my response. It was late the first time. The next initiation he contacted me at around 8;30 to see how I was doing. I responded about an hour after and we talked a bit. he asked how i was doing and how everything else was. He also said if i did not want to talk it was ok but I agreed.
3. After talking he asked what i was doing tonight but by that time it was late. he asked if i wanted to hang or talk, and he said he knew it was late so it was ok if i didn't want to. I agreed eventhough I sort of had an idea what might happen
4. I went over we wound up having sex very passionate i might add and he held me a cuddled a lot. I
slept over
5. talked about when he broke up with me if i understood, and he talked in past tense " this is how I was feeling and felt at the time".
6.. When i left in the morning he told me to text him later that day if i wanted to and to get home safe.. I said the same. I texted him like 10pm that night. He still has yet to read my message.
*I want to be with him again but I don't know if I have a chance. The breakup was a shock, is there anyway. He never really hung out with many freinds much as well as the mutual ones we both have besides when I was there or a select few times. Now I know he has been going out or asking our mutual freind to hang out. Could he be asking what im doing etc. Also last week he was on xbox which him and our mutual freind talk on frequently he mentioned did you hear what happened. Friend acted dumb and he said we broke up. No details or anything but my freind will find out later possibly.


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  • My ex did this to me and wanted to be friends. We supposedly went back out again and I realized this isn't a relationship more like friends w/benefits. I stopped talking to him and haven't heard from him since. He just wants sex.

    • Thanks, maybe I'll ask him straight up. I know it's cliche but for some reason I feel we are unfinished

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