Breaking up and moving out? boyfriend is adamant I stay here until I move? Is this healthy?

boyfriend of 6 years, living together for one year. I dropped the bomb friday: im no longer in love with him and feel like I don't hav my own identify and need time alone. There is no definite that we are breaking up but we are. He wants me to stay here, sleep in his bed with him etc until I move out... I feel like this isn't healthy. Even if we stay together I am still choosing to move out... he was mopey at first and sad and claims he is still hurt/broken hearted but like he's being really chill?

Might b Cuz we have to go to New Jersey this weekend for his brothers graduation and he still wants me to come. Should b kinda weird but his parents already paid for our hotel room.

Also im like 95% sold on my decision and feel liberated but im like 85% sold on breaking up but my thing is an i wrong or does this all sound weird and unhealthy? We continue to hav mind blowing/amazing sex. Better then usual and more frequent the last few days? Why is that? We aren't kissing Tho? Advice?


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  • this is messed up and in no way healthy.

    when i was your age, i ended a 7-year relationship with a guy who was terrible for me. he told me that "we should live together until our finances are sorted", but i told him no and moved out that night.

    right now, it sounds like he just wants sex and wants you to stay because it's convenient for him. you need to make a clean break and move out asap (cutting ties with this guy while you're at it is probably a good idea too).

  • If the sex is still good after 6 years reconsider this, please. Why do you want to break up?

    I continued to stay with my ex until I flew home so we lived together in a different country. I think you need to think this through even more x

    • It is randomly way better now? I think emotions R running high. But no I really go back and forth with wanting to b single or at least live alone. I don't feel like I'm truly committed or in love w him anymore.

    • things just settle... I was like this over my ex husband but regretted it

    • I don't know im only 24 ha im not too worried about never getting married but ok I'll think a little more

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