What does my ex feel? Why is my ex so awkward around me?

Ex broke up with me about a month ago and he has not spoken to me since. I'm doing NC for my own benefit.

We work together and every time we see each other, his eyes lock on mine and he gives me a look which has so much emotion in it. I see guilt and regret and sadness but then at the same time he seems awkward and uncomfortable around me.

What is he feeling?


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  • It's difficult and awkward being in the same workplace as an ex. What you think you see though may not be what you think though. He broke up with you so I doubt he feels guilt or regret. Their could be sadness because even if it's your decision you lost a companion. I would just keep going about business as usual.


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  • He probably is guilty And regretful. It happens even as the dumper. I'm going on 4 days since he left me. We talk but he is very vague. I will go no contact as soon as I get my car back from him

    • Ah I'm sorry to hear that. I hope everything gets sorted in terms of your car and stuff. It's really tough but life goes on.

      I plan to be no contact for two months in total, he's leaving work soon so I'll wish him well, end on a positive and then disappear again I think.

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  • Nothing. And everything. Of course, its gonna be awkward. Just try to be non confrontational so that you both can be cool w each other again (professionally)


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