Is breaking up over this crazy?

I broke up with my boyfriend because I felt like he just didn’t care about me. Any time I was sick or out the hospital he was nowhere around. He never called me to see if I was ok he never came by my house to check on me. It made me feel like he just didn’t care about me. I told him about this last week and nothing changed. Then 3 days ago I get my wisdom teeth removed and he doesn’t call me he only texted me back because I texted him and never came to see me but instead was out with his friends. He would pick fights with me over stupid things I was just over it.

He told me” I can see why you feel that way but I feel like simple communication would have worked. I told him I talked to you about this twice and still nothing has changed. We hardly see each other now. He said that’s your fault because you work at a different store now and we see each other less. I told you how I felt about you transferring but you didn’t care about how I felt you only cared about yourself. I do care about you and I do love you. I feel like your approach right now is very cold like you don’t care.

Is there anything left to say?
Is breaking up over this crazy?
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