Is breaking up over this crazy?

I broke up with my boyfriend because I felt like he just didn’t care about me. Any time I was sick or out the hospital he was nowhere around. He never called me to see if I was ok he never came by my house to check on me. It made me feel like he just didn’t care about me. I told him about this last week and nothing changed. Then 3 days ago I get my wisdom teeth removed and he doesn’t call me he only texted me back because I texted him and never came to see me but instead was out with his friends. He would pick fights with me over stupid things I was just over it.

He told me” I can see why you feel that way but I feel like simple communication would have worked. I told him I talked to you about this twice and still nothing has changed. We hardly see each other now. He said that’s your fault because you work at a different store now and we see each other less. I told you how I felt about you transferring but you didn’t care about how I felt you only cared about yourself. I do care about you and I do love you. I feel like your approach right now is very cold like you don’t care.

Is there anything left to say?


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  • I believe you had just cause to cut him out of your life. Indeed he has shown no interest in your well being as obviously he has none. If it had been my Lady going through what you mentioned I would have been there for her and my friends would have understood that her need of me was important to me


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  • No not crazy. what you did was actually smart. This guy will never take care of you or care for you. My ex was like that, my cat ran away (partially his fault), he made no effort to help me look for my cat. One day I got a call about a dead cat in the neighborhood, one that was my cat's color. My ex didn't care or make an effort to be there to comfort me and make sure I wouldn't be kidnapped, I had to call my family to come w/me. You can do so much better and fight your hurt feelings. Good luck and look for a man who will make sacrifices for you.

    • Also just to add, communication would make no difference. You can't talk a person into caring you, they need to have that in them. I did try to talk to my ex and that back fired.

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  • Not necessarily. While he does have a point about how communication could have changed those things, there are some things that you shouldn't have to tell a significant other to do. For example, you should not have to tell a significant other to call and see if you're okay after having some teeth ripped out. -_- If you are in the hospital, a boyfriend should be one of the first people to be at your side. That's just relationships 101; you give a fuck.

    He was not meeting your emotional needs and that's a very good reason to break up because sooner or later, here is what would have happened...

    You would have witnessed other men showing support, concern, and care towards their girlfriends and you would have felt like he was a lame, unsatisfying boyfriend who doesn't know what the hell he's doing. Then you would have grown resentment which is bad for your psyche and general emotional health.


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