I want to text my ex. what should I say to make him want to reply me?

1. Broke up a week now. 2. we both still have feeling for each other (but not sure if he still tho, it has been a week ). 3. I really miss him and want to talk to him, but not sure about him becoz he didn't text me since then. 4. i was thinking to text him like:

A: Hey! can you get out of my head please, i always think about you.
B: Are you still thinking about meeting up on summer?
C. Hey, I didn't like the way that i ended the relationship either (he didn't want this as well) so i have been thinking about you a lot.

What do you think guys? please help. :(
i really need help tho T^T


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  • doubts in love mean you're a second choice in his life.
    you put a several options to get that person back to your life... but does he put (one) option to bring you back to his life?

    ignore him. cuz victory comes when you get rid of all negative people.


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  • Not worth it. There are times when deep down something ended with someone and i had hard feelings for them i mean wooow feelings. But it came to my senses that its over for a reason and the biggest step is not looking back but moving forward. Don't put yourself in the eye of an ocean looking vulnerable as if you need him now and you can't function without him. He'll probably respond but take complete control of your emotions because he now knows that you're not over him as much as he's making a process to get over you. If a guy is actually committed to whatever fell apart by at least 4 days he'll at least call to see if everything is okay. Even if he comes back thats still not a reason to let him in and i think its time for you to let him go because its not worth the pain hun. Someone who thinks about the pain you'll be put through is someone you want to be with for a lifetime. Don't give yourself that type of stress... Its easy to say but hard to do i get that but its only impossible if our words do not meet our actions.


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  • I wouldn't get back with you. If you could dump me so easily you'd just do it again. Learn from your mistake and move on

    • If he want me he will text me right? Even tho i said it ended.

    • And i didn't dump him. It was him tho. Thats why i end it.

    • If he texts it might just be to see what you want

  • I would go with C
    You need him back so...


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