Does she deserve a revenge?

I broked with my ex girlfriend before 2 years we broked bc I lost my trust in her and she talked to many guys behind me and when I confronted her she said it was normal chat ! Then she said she had fear that I will left her bc she's older than me I forgave her 2 times in the third I dumped her. what make me really angry is she talked with very old guys and non of them are compared to honestly I'm 6.3 athletic handsome most the time girls smile to me or look at me and with nice personality I'm not rich but I'm stable, she talked with ugly guys and old with shity personality WTF I mean she had a nice decent guy and I was faithful and never cheated her what she did make me angry until today what make it worst one of the guys that she talked to them is working in the same company that I'm work in and he's around 50s! And fat!. Now as I know when I dumped her shy cried I just want to go to her place and look at my best and wear fake engagement ring just to broke her heart I feel she deserve it at least this thing only. But what hold me is she's working abroad and 10 hour of work and she always think about her son so don't know if she worth this simple revenge or I just leave her alone?

What you think?
Does she deserve a revenge?
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