Am I overreacting?

Last March I broke up with a guy, let's call him loser, which I had been seeing for four months who was borderline emotionally abusive towards me. He would put me down, asking where I was and with who I was with, if I didn’t reply to him right away he would send me at least five messages and everything had to be on his terms and if he did something wrong he blamed it on me. He is vegan, so whenever I ate meat, he would say how a good person like me can eat meat. One time he tried to get in my pants and I said no I don't want to because I'm tired, then he went on top of me and said I have no say in this. I was shocked and pushed him off me. He told me that he was just kidding but from there it just went downhill.

So before everything went downhill, Loser met some of my friends and he added them on Facebook.

When it was over and my friend found out how he had been to me, they deleted him from Facebook and kept ignoring him when they saw him on campus. However, there is one friend, let's call him H, who didn't delete him and still talked to Loser. One time when I was drunk I told H what Loser had been towards me. I asked him if he could delete Loser, which he did and he promised me that he won't add him back or talk to Loser. However, yesterday found out on my own that H had readded loser on Facebook. I just saw red and felt so betrayed, so I decided that I don’t want anything to do with this so called “friend”. Am I overreacting?
Am I overreacting?
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