Signs a girl is letting down her wall?

and letting you get closer to her


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  • if I'm going out with you..

    i would personally tell you about my past life..

    especially if I've been hurt before..and give you explanations on why I'm so closed off (meaning that I don't tell you how I feel, or show you that I care even though I do)

    in doing so, I'm letting you my past dark life that made me this way...if you decided to listen to it and show me that you care..that's when I slowly show my emotions..

    some examples: I cuddle more, smile more..and you can definetely tell if a girl is comfortable around you rather than having those awkward moments..

    if I barely even met you, well, I would still have my guard up cause I wouldn't want you to think I'm crazy if I start blurting out about what had

    TRUST is the key to this..once she starts to trust you, she'll let her guard down and take that chance with you


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  • She is interested in telling you about her personal life, thoughts, worries and secrets. She doesn't become uncomfortable or evasive when you ask her about her past and won't change the subject if the conversation becomes too serious. She spends more time talking to you and won't make excuses to get out of an awkward conversation. Oh yeah, there should be less awkward silences.

  • My sign for when I let down my wall is I approach him in the halls. I gain the confidence in taking it up a level so I approach him and not always wait until he approaches me.

  • she goes out of her way to meet up with you.

    she is still smiling as she walks away from you.

    she tells you secrets.

    she never lets her smile fall.

    she can hold your gaze.


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  • i don't have any experience, but very good question! I was wondering that too!


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