I don't know what to do about this?

I got out of an emotionally abusive relationship a few months ago, my ex and I were on and off since September. He treated me like dirt then when he went back to his home country to visit his family for a week he cheated on me with his ex girlfriend there, I found out about that while he was away so I left him. When he came back he was in a relationship with her and he was still texting me saying horrible things how he wouldn't lose sleep over me and that he didn't regret it etc. Then a few days later I agreed to meet up with him to clear the air as we both live in the same student halls. He told me how he messed up etc and I found out he broke up with that girl and they were only together for a week and during that time he was plastering it all over facebook when he normally doesn't.

Anyway, I told him the most I will do is be his friend and we were getting along fine then suddenly he stopped speaking me, I asked him why and he said I was too 'clingy' which isn't true. Then we haven't really spoke and I told him that he had no right to point out my flaws or put me down after all of the rubbish he put me through and I told him if he was sorry he wouldn't be putting me down. Today he turned round and told me to enjoy my trip home so I asked him why he did all this and I deserved to closure and he said 'nope lose my number already for f'ck sake'...


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  • I wouldn't expect anything more out of him. He sounds selfish and inconsiderate and it doesn't seem like he takes your feelings into account at all with anything he does. Don't continue to contact him just because you're looking for closure, you already know you're better than him and you deserve more, that should be enough. You don't need validation from this guy to move on.

    • Thank you, I really needed that, I have been feeling horrible all day because of it

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    • Thanks for MH :) good luck with everything, feel free to hit me up if you need to talk

    • Your welcome and thank you 😊

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  • To be honest I wouldn't even be his friend. He isn't worth your time or tears. You're better than that. I know you want to maintain some kind of friendship, but you will be better for it if you just cut him from your life.

    • Yeah I haven't spoken to him since and feel better already :)

    • Good.. And don't let him weasel his way back in.. Guys like that can be very manipulative.

  • Hun you owe him nothing. Best case scenario would be to ignore him and don't talk to him. He treated you like shit. Just go on with your life and try to move on.


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