I don't know what to do about this?

I got out of an emotionally abusive relationship a few months ago, my ex and I were on and off since September. He treated me like dirt then when he went back to his home country to visit his family for a week he cheated on me with his ex girlfriend there, I found out about that while he was away so I left him. When he came back he was in a relationship with her and he was still texting me saying horrible things how he wouldn't lose sleep over me and that he didn't regret it etc. Then a few days later I agreed to meet up with him to clear the air as we both live in the same student halls. He told me how he messed up etc and I found out he broke up with that girl and they were only together for a week and during that time he was plastering it all over facebook when he normally doesn't.

Anyway, I told him the most I will do is be his friend and we were getting along fine then suddenly he stopped speaking me, I asked him why and he said I was too 'clingy' which isn't true. Then we haven't really spoke and I told him that he had no right to point out my flaws or put me down after all of the rubbish he put me through and I told him if he was sorry he wouldn't be putting me down. Today he turned round and told me to enjoy my trip home so I asked him why he did all this and I deserved to closure and he said 'nope lose my number already for f'ck sake'...
I don't know what to do about this?
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