How do you know if an ex misses you/wants you back or thinks they made a mistake (what are the signs)?

What are the signs your ex misses you or wants you back and thinks they made a mistake with breaking up with you?
We broke up and since then he has contacted me twice. Every weekend since we broke up. He asked me how I was doing and then asked me if I wanted to hang out or talk. He texted me early last Saturday but while talking for awhile it got late. He said it was late but up to him. I still went over but we wound up having sex and I slept over. It was very passionate and we cuddled and he held me tight for most of the night. When I left he told me to text him later if I wanted to. I did that was on Sunday and he has not read it yet or responded. He told me pne thing when he broke up with me but I heard he told his bff another which I am going to find out this weekend from her. What are some signs he misses you or wants you back? is texting them to see how they are doing a sign? For some reason in my heart although its cliche I feel like we are not fully over. Usuallywith my other exs I knew and it was hard. With him It doesn't feel like it is and we were so compatible and everyone thought we were perfect together and would last. So what are the signs? I might text him this weekend if he doesn't text me to talk possibly


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  • Why did you break up in the first place? Sounds he misses you.

    • Well in my take. Before this breakup even happened In the month of March he fell into a lot of stress. He didn't have a job and had a hard time finding one, and then other things started to happen. He closed himself off basically and stayed home all the time. Did not want to go out with me or freinds and always said he was lame and sucked when he turned things down. now after this month thing he told me it has been bothering him a lot and he said he wasn't feeling what he thought he should feel towards me and felt like we were not growing closer which in my opinion it was his fault. We were happy and nothing seemed wrong. We were so alike and got along great. That is what he said to me and when I talked to him the other night he was talking in what seemed like past tense. he said this is how I felt etc and asked if i hated him and wanted to punch him etc.

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    • I can only hope so!

    • I'm sure it'll be all good!😊

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