Why do "side girls" appreciate and maintain/show deeper emotions than women whom I've given all for?

Pretty much says it in the title. I've only truly loved 3 women in my life. And have had quite a few chicks just for fun, specifying no relationship would be taking place, of course. And it seems these girls, the ones I gave less to, somehow remain more loyal and faithful than to the ones I would sacrifice and do anything for. Any background info on this?


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  • It's all a game... a challenge everyone seems to want what they cannot have and when they can have something they don't always want it or appreciate it.

    The "side chicks" probably appreciate you more or to you feel like they are purely because they don't fully have you and they feel like by doing this they will possibly 'get you' I can almost guarantee that it would not stay that way after a offical relationship was formed. Once that happens they won, game over.

    This is also not to say that the people or in your case females don't have deep feelings, they just don't feel that they have to constantly show them because they have already got you. Just like once guys start dating a woman they stop doing all the little things they did to get them in the first place.


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  • thats a different experience. I think when it comes to love it doesn't happen.

  • They know what it's like to feel ugly and unwanted and unloved.

    I have been a side chick I'm love with a guy who didn't like me. I tried my hardest to shower him in affection in hopes that he would grow to love me back.

    Of course, that never happens because they're too busy drooling over some other girl that doesn't even notice him. That's the way it is. He loves her, she loves some other guy, that other guy likes some other girl.
    The vicious cycle continues.

  • You probably have personal baggage that attracts you to unreciprocated love.


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