Please, how can I get my ex back?

I pushed my ex away and I want to fix it.
We decided to be friends after we broke up but I couldn't let go.
So we got into an argument and I pushed him away again by begging.
A week later he texted me to check on me and I played it cool.
However, I got upset and told him my real feelings.
We were still on talking terms until last week when I asked for another chance again.
He ignored me and it's been two weeks.
We've never gone two weeks without talking.

Should I apologize? What can I do to fix this?
I've made so many mistakes and I want to fix them.


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  • he pushed himself away... just don't let the blame eat you. everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect.
    you should know that the more you show love and Interest the more you get ignore and disrespect. sorry, but there's nothing need to fix except your broken feelings and your confidence.
    just don't force yourself to have space in a person's life that doesn't recognize your worth.

    Good luck..


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  • Get over him. He wants to be friends and not get back together. Just be friends and let it go where it does

    • I'm not even sure if he wants to be friends anymore because the mistakes I've made.

    • Just give him another few days and yourself some time to get over him and then text him like a normal friend.

    • ok, thank you.

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