Could he be missing me, want me back or what. He has been texting me more?

We broke up about 3 Fridays ago. He was going through stress in march about not having a job etc. He closed himself off from the world and never went out really. He told me that he wasn't feeling what he thought he should and felt we were not growing closer. His fault I think. Well he broke up with me and since then he has been texting me every so often. The first Friday night he texted late almost 1am so I didn't answer until the next day. That was it. The next weekend he texted me at like 8 we talked for a bit and then he wanted to know if I wanted to hang or talk by that time it was really late and he said we didn't have to but I agreed and i sort of knew what might happen. I went over and we had sex. We talked a bit and he talked in past tense. This is how I felt etc. I wound up sleeping over and it felt as if we were not even broken up. Just cuddling and holding each other tight. The next day he told me to text him if i wanted late. It was mothers day so i did at 10pm he didn't read it or answer back, but last night he texted me at like 10. I knew he had a long day and got out of a meeting at 8;30. He said hey and apologized for being so quiet this week that he has been busy. We talked more and then I guess he fell asleep. Why all of a sudden all this texting? Could he miss me and want us back? maybe trying to take it slow idk? I do want him back and see us together because we jsut click and are comfortable with each other. Dont ahve to pretend to be someone else. Could there be a chance?


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  • Look he apologized.
    So may be he felt guilty.
    May be, he did miss you.
    Just give him time. If he really wants you, he will ask.


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