Is she showing signs of wanting to get back?

My ex broke up with me, it was a friendly thing although I was very hurt, and we have not talked for 2 months but we see each other in school a lot. People tell me she won't date me again, but her reason for us breaking up is that we are a bit young and she wasn't ready to date yet, that much is obvious, but at the time she was in a very hard time of life, many stressors, and I feel she could change her mind on that if thats what she said
But recently, she has been posting a lot of things about relationships, certain ones relate to what we had, I liked a couple, then I decided to post one and she was the only one who liked it... thoughts?
i've also caught her out of the corner of my eye catching glances at me, most of the time i think they're legit, but hey
any thoughts and HONEST opinions would be appreciated, these reasons may be overthinking or they may be right, just checkin what others think.
Is she showing signs of wanting to get back?
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