Does this sound like I should stay or go?

Married 4 years. Didn't understand the level of commitment involved in marriage but went along with it since I wanted stability and love. Got along well but to be frank, didn't have much conversation since he was studying about 3 years of the marriage. I was fantasizing of sex with other men after 7 months of marriage. I didn't cheat at any point due to my values. I toyed with the thought of trying to fall in love and loving him but my heart was more focussed on others. I've informed him about my stance and he is in deep deep pain. He has dreams for a future together and children. I know he loves me very much. I'm more focussed on a guy I've fancied for the last 3 weeks...
He wants to keep fighting for our marriage and to get counselling. I'm not really interested. I desire to leave... maybe to nothing and nobody but instead get to know myself as person as prior to marriage, I was locked away, sheltered and told what to do... I had deep inner screaming sexual urges but was 'punished' for thinking that way...
Does this sound like I should stay or go?
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