What do I do? I want to get back with him?

Okay so:
-I liked a guy and he was stuck between liking me and another girl
-He ultimately chose to like me, but I was scared he would change his mind and hurried us into a relationship
-Relationship barely lasted a month before he broke up with me
-Reasons why he broke up with me:
-He felt obligated to be the perfect boyfriend and slowly lost his feelings for me
-His parents didn't approve of me
-He insisted that we stay friends and ended up kissing me three weeks after we broke up for reasons unknown (he says he doesn't know why he kissed me or whatever)
-He seems to start liking the other girl now but only when she's nice? But he says he thinks about me a lot more than the other girl and thinks I'm prettier than her?
-We've been fighting a lot lately and I dont know what to do without getting jealous of the other girl, who has known him longer

Please help me, what do I do? I'm so stuck. I want to get back with him but that doesn't seem like it will happen soon, since I've been picking fights with him due to my jealousy... i tried taking a break from him but that didn't work to well. He also says he wants to focus more on school rather than a relationship but i want to help him figure out his feelings because i think he's confused? I dont really care about titles anymore... i just want to fix things between us...

What should I do? Thank you in advanced! :)

What do I do? I want to get back with him?
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