What does this mean?

I was sort of seeing a guy back home who said that he geuinely wanted to be in touch and see how things between us developed. He knew I was in love with him. And he said that if issues with his kids in the last6 months hadn't come up things would have certainly progressed by no. When I got back from my last trip I noticed he was flirting with another on facebook. So I drooped him saying that I simply couldnt compete with anything around him back home and felt let down that he was telling me one thing whilst apoearing interested in another... He didn't seem to expect this but let me gi. It ended kind of badly as I said something that hurt him for which I then apologised and he said he valued me and had no bad feelings... I disappeared since... Unfriended him on facebook etc telling him that the only reason I had found he was showing an interest in her is cause I had been following her too... And I unfollowed her too.. And that is true. My friend decided to keep an eye onthings and said to me that since I disappeared he had not made a single comment or like on her profile... And that she does not follow him or serms to be any connection...
I've been focusing on me and my own things trying to get over the angersnd how hurt I felt... I want to restore the relationship but don't know how to approach things... Can I have a guys opinion?
What does this mean?
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