How am I supposed to move on?

J and I broke up 6 months ago... I dated other guys 2 months after our break up but I can't get over him so I stopped... everyday I see him at school, we have 2 classes together, and I can't stop having feelings for him. Our relationship in my point of view was really magical, I guess it was love but probably you will think I'm young for that since I'm under 18... but he is special... and we even planned our future, and I feel like he did loved me, but at the same time I feel like I was just another girl because he wanted the break up. And he didn't tell me why, he just said that we stopped talking and that he doesn't feel the same anymore. And his friend V told me that after we broke up J kept saying that I should feel guilty, I think it was because I lied to him that he was my first kiss and that he is not the first guy that has proposed, and J doesn't want V hanging out with me Cuz they are best friends, and I tried to be friends with J, but V told me that J believes that you can't be friends with your ex, and one day i sat at a table close to J's accidently because my friend wanted to sit there, then K a friend of his who is also his EX (he even called her a slut) asked me why i was sitting there, then i saw J hiding under the table, V thinks that J dated his ex after we broke up, K before moving she asked me if I dated J, and I said yes. And V told me that every time J sees me he says "ugh she is here" I was like this close to tell J "bitch you care about me and if you hate me so much say it to my face"... but tbh I still love him. I don't know why, I mean he is being a jerk, but I still love him. Plus after we broke up he changed, but I did too... but I have to let my feeling for him go... because I can't do this to myself... please help me to move on...
How am I supposed to move on?
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