Any guides how to get an ex girlfriend back? Lets fullfill some common questions?

I remember myself reading a lot of stuff over internet, but not sure if this really helps...
1. What is the reason an ex would get back?
2. Will she get back if see me with another girl?
3. Can she ever consider to get back after 5 months of breakup, but the relationship period was 4 years.
4. Why I can't get over her... I can't even realize what is attaching me to her so much...
There are beautiful girls there I know, even if the girls is not beauty there is always another person.
But my minds keeps telling me, stay positive and wait? but this waiting kills everything inside myself.
One of the things I'm most afraid of is that one day I'll completely reject her, even if she try to reach me..
which I don't believe will happen but, nodody knows.
She aborted twins last year, but I keep spamming people over here..
I Would like to get some advice or guide will really appreciate that.
Thanks in Advance!


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  • would she get back if she sees you with another girl? what do you mean?
    just text her and show interest if she's not interested then forget about her

    • She blocked my messages over facebook, I still can type to her over standart messaging or viber. But she show no interest I'm cursed, no girl will love me anymore..

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    • i had no idea that guys take these things seriously too im sorry. look for a new one

    • It's easier to say it in that way, but... hopefully find a better one.

What Guys Said 1

  • You are speaking of relationships not completing a mathematical equation, there are no plausible "guides" for this sort of stuff, only advises. And the best advice? Just be yourself, be honest, if you want something don't beat around the bushes and just ask. Whether the other person feels the same way or not you will get your answer.

    Because let's be honest, if you do end up following a "guide" and and learn how to "get her back", how do you think she'll feel when she finds out she was basically conned back? And she will find out, they have ways.

    • I really don't know what to do, i'm feeling afraid to try to reach her again.

    • Ask yourself, why are you afraid? If it's rejection, then just know life's full of rejections. At 23 your life is just starting, you'll probably have to face many upcoming rejections whether it's from a company or just your computer saying screw you and not turning on. Being 23 means your nearly a real adult, it time you learn to just face things and move on if they don't turn out.

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