Signs an ex misses you and wants you back for a second chance. How do I get him back?

How do you know the signs you'r ex misses you and wants you back? Is initiating contact a good sign? Because my ex boyfriend has been initiating contact since we broke up every week. He contacted me the first Friday after asking how I was and then the next weekend after that where we talked a bit more and then that Thursday again. Its not everyday but its at least once or twice a week. I also initiated contact last night, which I have not done but thought I should. he answered and he was out with his freinds but still talked. The convo was just about what we were doing etc and we talked until 3am from 10pm.


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  • Unless he's actually asking to get back together or actively flirting with you don't think too much about it. It's actually much harder to just cut a person cleanly out of your life, and as long as the breakup was mutual and no harm was done, there's no reason to be "friends". I says "friends" because even if it was a good break up he is still your ex now, and if you keep too friendly with one it may be hard for your future boyfriend to understand. You can check in on him once in a while, or see him at a mutation friend's party or something and catch up, but there's no reason to go out of your way to talk or hang out with him.

    • The breakup wasn't really mutual. He broke up with me. He has been dealing with a lot of stress from not having a job etc and closed himself off for awhile, and after that time thats when he broke up with me. I talked to his bff last night too which she is one of my mutual freinds as well and she tried to talk to him and see whats going on. She told me he's being really dumb because we were great together and that he told her he needs to figure his life out. Super cliche but when you know its over you just know but to me I dont feel like it is but who knows

    • That sounds like a mutual break up to me. By this I mean that no one did anything to hurt the other (like cheating) which led to breaking up. There's no hurt or hostile feelings. As for the friend's opinion, take it with a grain of salt. You hear friends or other people say "oh they look so cute together" or "they're so great together" all the time and have no clue what's going on. From what it sounds like maybe you just haven't moved on yet. He obviously played a big role in your life, and now that space he used to be is empty and you're looking for something to fill it and it's the easy choice to want to fill it with something familiar. But when the next guy comes around and fills that spot, you won't be feeling this way anymore. So best advice I can give is to just go out there and start dating again instead of lingering.

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  • He might just be talking to you out of habit. When a relationship ends it doesn't automatically mean the one who ended it never wants to see/talk to whoever they dumped. He might also want to be polite and make sure you're ok. You could always just ask him how he feels and why he keeps in touch with you when he has no obligation to do so.

    • True I might do so maybe the next time I see him. LLike i said he texts me and last weekend I went to his house after talking for a bit through texts. He sort of talked about the relationship and was talking in past tense of this is how I was feelign at the time. He went through a lot of stress and thats what caused it to a point. Anyway that night we had sex and I slept over which I did not expect. it was passionate and felt like we were not broken up. His bff who is also one of my mutual friends thinks he's completly stupid for him to do this and has been mad at him ever since. He told her he needs to figure out his life so I don't know, I know i probably shouldn't but I might tell him I miss him soon

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