How not to feel worthless after a break up/rejection?

This guy I was dating for 4 months told me he wasn't attracted to me and he didn't like me and he felt that way for sometime now. I'm trying to not take it personal, but I was confused if he really felt that way, why continue to see call me talk to me for hours, and also have sex with me. Well now I'm wondering what I did wrong. I don't take rejection too well. Any advice?


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  • Rejection or breakups are about the other person not you. Notice how they say "they feel" it's their feelings not your that make them unattracted to you. If a guy is still giving his time and having sex with you, you would better be off not engaging with him if he can't reciprocate your feelings. If he says these things and it hurts you it's becoming toxic and you don't want or need that in your life. Realize that you are a woman of value and stand up for yourself by not giving more than you are getting in terms of emotional fulfillment and love.

    • Thank you yes it does hurt because to me, he didn't treat me as if he didn't like me or not attracted to me it was complete opposite. And you are right, I must remember my value so I won't accept anything less that what is deserved.

    • That's the right attitude, don't let any person take you for granted or use you. Never put your best stuff on the table and lay it all out, give only what you get in terms of value, if something feels off take a step back and evaluate the situation before moving forward, and ask as many questions as needed to get to the bottom of what is bothering you, get the facts always as feelings could mean anything.

    • Thank you for MHO!! :)

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  • you did nothing wrong except you treated him with respect. don't be sad if you have a good heart... just be thankful for what you have instead of thinking about what you don’t have.
    forget about him and start over.. cuz you always deserve better.

    Don't rush to get into new relationship... you need some rest to build yourself confidence so you don't repeat the same mistake again.
    there's a lot of positive things inside you (your good heart is one of them)... you'll discover the rest when you heal.

    Good luck...

  • it could just be him i am sure u are a wonderful woman and some men only go on looks and other men like personality i am more personality then looks myself

    • Thank for your kind words. But That's thing, I'm attractive he's actually not so much 😕 Well he wasn't my type at first. I know looks mean nothing but if that's what he's not attracted my looks I find that Bazarre since we were also having sex.

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    • You're completely right. I should just move on. Date someone who is worth my time.

    • totally i bet u can find someone willing to make u have the time of your life

  • Yeah breakups can be hard but just rationalize that what he says/him leaving is just because of a mismatch and thats ok, doesn't necessarily make him bad, doesn't make you bad. Just a mismatch, so focus on his negatives and move on, and definitely date new guys asap


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