My heart says fight for it and that we will have a second chance but idk?

I always usually listen to my heart even if its wrong. Well i broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. He was the one to break up with me. He was really stressed out from no job and fell into a rut. He said he wasn't feeling what he thought he should and felt like we werent growing closer which is his fault bc he closed everyone out. Anyway we broke up it is very hard on me because we fit so perfectly together and everyone thinks so too. In my heart i feel like there is a second chace. Since the breakup he contacted me first all the time. First the first Friday after to see how I was. I responded the next day and then he contacted me weekend after. We talked a little and I wound up going over his house. We had sex I know bad part on me. I slept over and we talked a bit. he talked in past tense sayig this is how he felt at the time. After that he told me to text if i wanted to later. It was mothers day so i texted late that night. he didn't text back until Thursday saying he was sorry he's been so quiet that the week has been busy. We talked more joked around and such. I contacted him first last night and we talked until 3am nothing great just seeing what he was up to etc, which he was out with freinds. My heart tells me to fight and that there will be a second chance. I mean i have not been begging him or anything and did the nc rule until he contcted me first. Which I think is a good start or is it not? I was told it was. Anyway do I listen to my heart even if it doesn't work out? and what are the signs he is interested again or making an attempt?
My heart says fight for it and that we will have a second chance but idk?
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