EX: Facebook Status Message... We dated for 2 years. I'm still in love with him. Long distance.

"If I see one more Illinois license plate or another ASU sticker I'm going to lose it, I get it I'm an idiot stop reminding me."

I haven't talked to him since December 23. The call didn't go well.

The last time before that was when we broke up which was October 27.

I live in Illinois, and went to ASU and graduated this year. He lives in Texas/in the military. (to understand his post)

He hasn't contacted me since the break up. I have initiated the 3 other attempts. He made it sound like he didn't feel the same way anymore and he didn't want to be friends with me.

What does this mean? I really do love him & want him back. How am I supposed to take this.

Is this him saying sorry, but doesn't want me still? I'm so confused.

We've been broken up for almost 4 to 5 months now.
And, of course before that recent post. He posted this: "I'd go back, but it's just too late. and then another one, "She's on my mind."

So: to continue this story. I sent him a message to the "asu/illinois post."


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  • Throw him a message over Facebook saying what's up. Can't hurt. Either he answers or he doesn't . If he doesn't you can let it go.

    • I just feel like that makes me sound desperate and needy though. The second he says one thing ever closely or remotely as to anything as in he misses me. I jump at it just makes me sound like I need him. For what he did to me a Facebook post doesn't even sound like an apology. I just don't know what to say.

    • Well you are right- it is not even remotely an apology. If you still love him- you still love him. You have to explore that. Or else you will always wonder- what if I didn't say anything that one time. But its really up to you. If you feel like you have already gone out of your ay to reconcile then leave it alone. Delete him from Facebook and try to move on. If you want to give it one more go before you can be at peace with it then send him an innocent message to check in.

    • Well here's a where are you know story. We dated and we never got back together.
      I got engaged to someone else who I dated for 3.5 years and now I'm back on this site. I've been dumped and heartbroken again. Rereading some of this is like looking into an old chapter in my life. Looking at the old me only to have repeated past mistakes... And to only try to learn from them again only this time I'm 28 and kind of the dumps again and desperate to get my ex back. An ex back who is also like the previous chapter in this book not coming back. Maybe one day I won't ever have to visit this site again. Maybe one day I'll be happy. Or just one day I'll be happy by myself and I won't need any dumb man to make me happy. Guys are stupid. They take you for granted. And think that their shit doesn't stink. All men can just go to hell.

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