I don't understand what my ex is doing ... HELP?

my ex broke up with me for no reason ... it was a long distance relationship 4 years ... he left me for a girl they didn't work out and he apologized and said he's sorry and I'm the one for him and then a few days later ignores me again and now about 2 months later its the same thing ignoring me like he doesn't want to speak and I don't understand ...should I just get over him and be hopeless on our relationship or should I continue talking to him to see how it goes.. or would that be stressing him out?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Lmao.

    Stressing him out?

    Screw him, worry about yourself.

    He's "loving you" then ignoring you.

    Yeah right, "you're the one for me" "errr nvm..." "2months later, oh baby I missed you.."

    Yeah, no, find someone else.

    Goodluck - Sero.

    • Thanks sero .....that's what everybody is telling me

    • No problem. I'm sure you're sweet enough to find the right guy for you eventually. :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Would that be stressing him out?

    Honey, this guy obviously doesn't give a crap about the way his little mind games are making you feel. It sounds to me like you're the back up plan. Old reliable. He can go explore a little and you'll always be there waiting for him. If he really believed that you're the one for him, he wouldn't be ignoring you. He'd be doing everything in his power to make you believe that you are THE ONE.

    You don't ignore the person you love like that. You seem like a really good person who cares a lot about the well being of other, but in this case you need to care more about yourself. Don't put yourself through the emotional torture of wondering when or if this guy is gonna get his act together. The whole time you've been pining away for this guy, you're missing out on the guy who will treat you the way you deserve.

    I realize that four years is a lot of history, but don't sacrifice your future on the memories of the past.

    • You're right thanks a lot for your advice..... I'm just gonna move on and save myself the heartache ...first loves are really hard to get over...

    • Happy I could help. Good luck.

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