How to move on from the guy who I didn't even date... but 5 days later he goes and actually dates someone?

So, I was talking to this guy for 2 months, it was kind of a rough 2 months but they were also filled with some of my best memories. When I met this guy, I had just gotten out of a 2 year relationship, so I was still pretty hurt. Long story short, this guy and I talked for about 2 months (never officially dated) and while we were talking his "ex" comes back in the picture. I say "ex" because they talked for like a month but she friendzoned him 3 months before (the same month my ex and I broke up... by the way him and I were still friends cause he came back in the picture, but I lost feeling for him and started to like this new guy) anyways, so me and the new guy got In a fight, and he continued to use what I said while I was angry against me. He then broke things off, and 5 days later goes back to his "ex" who he claimed had no feelings for. They've been dating for 3 weeks now and apparently "love" each other already, and the guy hates me now? Also, last week was prom, and he told his best friend (who is my best friend) that he wanted to cheat on his girlfriend with me, and then she found out and they're still together. So, I'm still hung up on this guy bc we went from talking every day for 2 months and I catching feelings to him leaving me, getting a girlfriend, and then wanting to cheat on her... even though they "love" each other. I just need advice to help move on from this guy...


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  • Best advice I can offer. Go No Contact. Don't text him. Don't return his calls. Date around and you'll be fine. It will be hard but eventually you'll move on.

    • Right, I haven't talked to him since he cut things off with me a month ago, but it sucks cause I see him and his girlfriend with hickeys all over their necks and always hanging out and he seems so much happier with her. It makes me think that he completely forgot about me and that I was just a rebound kind of, but I'm hoping that I'll be getting over him soon... thanks for the advice :)

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  • Hey Anon, that guy is a walking child support bank from the sounds of things. Pat yourself on the back for avoiding that mess. What always worked for me was focusing on the reasons why the other person and I are no longer together. I know that your two months with this guy were some of your best memories, but after someone shows their true colors to you, those memories have been replaced with these new ones : petty, wishy washy, two faced backstabber, and not to mention a liar, and cheater. Yikes!! Too much salt. So whenever you feel like you're missing him, really think about why you're missing him: because he's a petty, wishy washy, two faced backstabber, liar, and cheater, that way you'll remember why you don't need a silly boy like that in your life. Works like a charm. And you've been hurt more than once in a short while. I know that it's easier to seek love and beauty elsewhere, but right now focus creating even better, more beautiful memories without him that are rooted in what you love about yourself. Much love hon <3

  • I went through the same thing... I fell in love with my gay friend then found out he was gay and in a relationship. We talked all the time and he helped me through a hard time just like in your situation. Everyone will tell you just to move on but the truth is that you'll never forget him. Give yourself time. Don't start dating around. Let yourself cry, eat ice cream, whatever. Don't completely cut him off but do modify how much you talk and how emotionally revealing your conversations are. You'll feel ready to be over him when you're ready. If anything try finding something to distract yourself with, like work or something

    • It sucks because he's best friends with my best friend so I still get a sense of false hope that if him and his girlfriend break up, I still have a second chance. And like all him and his girlfriend do are like give each other hickeys and make out... literally. So I feel like there's not even substance to keep the relationship going whereas me and him actually were friends. Also, the fact that he wanted to hook up with me (I would never do that while he's in a relationship) makes me feel like even though it was probably nothing, there's still like a tiny chance that he misses me cause we only hooked up twice when we were talking. I don't know, I'm probably overthinking and him leaving me might've been for the best, but all I want is for him to regret leaving me. Thanks for the advice :)

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