Did I encounter a narcissistic man?

I met a guy on a dating site. He is 45.
He was very keen straight away and rushed me into a relationship. I do try to have my wits about me but this guy swept me off my feet. The first things I noticed about him was the vast amount of Facebook friends he had, well over 1600. He also played the victim regarding his past relationship but never gave much detail. He also appeared very generous with his spending not just eith me but with others. Buying large rounds and was always on social media posting photos of him as if he was a real fun guy.
He put me on a pedestal. Said I was special and he couldn't believe he'd found me.
Several weeks into it he tells me he usually goes for younger women than myself but hadn't had much luck. And that he had a few people interested in getting with him.
I was a little hurt.
He litirally went from very interested to quiet after I missed a good night text. He sent me a message only to go on a ignore mine. I sensed he was annoyed at me and backed off. He then sends me a messaging saying is he reading too much into the lack of communication. I didn't give much reassurance as I too had become annoyed.
He then cuts me off quite coldly by texting a massive excuse about him thinking its not going to work long term. When I replied I had feelings he goes silent.
I was discarded. No contact has been made and it's as if he'd never met me.
is it possible I was merely just a source of supply?
Did I encounter a narcissistic man?
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