Dating my ex boyfriend, can this work?

Hi, I broke up with my ex boyfriend over distance a month and a half ago, I couldn't stand to be away from him as he moved away and didn't have time for me. We remained friends and I saw him last night and we ended up sleeping together, we both love each other and we both haven't been with anyone else no one has cheated or lied, I've really missed him and have been not happy since we broke up and I blamed myself for it, afterwards he said he couldn't do a relationship with me because he was so hurt when i ended it plus he has a stressful job and he's struggling at the moment but suggested to start dating slowly again but not to get my hopes up and to see how it goes, he knows he can't be there for me all the time and near the end I was needy as I wanted more but I want him back In my life so we are exclusively dating and he's going to judge and tell me in the next month or so, I'm scared it's going to be a no, do you think that this could turn into something more or is he just trying to be nice to me as he dosent want to completely loose me?
Dating my ex boyfriend, can this work?
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