Will there ever be a light and will I ever fully recover?

I recently started no contact whatsoever with an ex fling a month ago. For three years I tried to get her to commit but she was always back and forth with me. When we were actually seeing each other she did not want to put a label on us and ended things after only seeing me for 2 months. I remained supportive as she was dealing with some health issues but two months after she ended things she went through my phone one night when we were hanging out and got upset that I was talking to other females. We continued some contact in the following months but I decided to cut off all contact when she told me now she had a boyfriend. I felt robbed and treated unfairly as I work so hard for her for 3 years and no commitment and to see her commit to somebody else was painful. It has been a month and I still think about her but I know it's the best course of action. When I told her we shouldn't talk anymore she sent me a long paragraph which I decided not to respond to but I blocked her instead. The weeks and months before that she had tried on numerous occasions to find out if I was seeing anybody new and suggested us hanging out again. But I decided that since she has a new relationship we should not talk anymore. I just question whether I will ever hear from her again or see her again and if she misses me or thinks of me. I still struggle everyday with the devastation of losing the girl that I love.
Will there ever be a light and will I ever fully recover?
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