Can someone give me a pep talk or help me? I got so attached to this guy so quickly, and he is destroying my confidence, I don't know what to do?

I rarely fall for guys, but when I do... I fall hard and fast. I'm not gonna go into specifics for what happened recently, but basically I want exclusivity and he "isn't ready due to trust issues and heart break from over a year and a half ago." We've seen each other 5 times total, over a few weeks. We've slept together once. I am fully in my feelings for him and I don't know what to do. He's 28, I'm 22. I know I need to let him go for my own health and self respect, especially if he is "open to meet other women" but I feel so sad and empty and I don't know why. I also know I can have almost any single guy I desire, due to my looks and I have a good persona, but this guy is destroying my confidence and hope in men wanting me at all anymore.


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  • Sweety, I have 0 experience in break up. However I have dealt with my best friend going through heart break for many years. So this is odd for me to tell the girl, but sure. You need to relax a small bit. No man should ever make a woman feel small and insignificant. You should be confident. It takes years to build confidence to a comfortable level and you are letting a guy destroy it. . if you are truly as beautiful as you describe, yoiu shouldn't be sad that one guy failed. You should look at this as positive experience. You didn't waste a large amount of time with the wrote person. Plus your young. 22 you have your whole life ahead of you. You have all my wishes for you to have a great life. Best of luck.


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  • you're acting without no responsibility towards your life. maybe you've a great look, but you attract a bad guys... which mean you should know what do you want.
    fall hard and fast mean you're more vulnerable to crash your heart with your own hands... and that's what happened - you lost your confidence.

    sorry, but be more wise.. cuz when the beauty go away.. only morality will stay.

    Good luck...

  • Go sleep with another dude. Problem solved.


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