Ex is still unfollowing me on things 8 months later?

Long story short, we were together for a year and were best friends, he ended it with me but claimed it was breaking his own heart too. He got with a new girl in December. They broke up a week ago because he "didn't want a relationship". Right after our breakup, he explained how he was constantly checking my social media accounts and ending up unfollowing me on everything apart from on Spotify and Facebook? Just went on his page out of curiosity to see and within the past few days he has unfollowed me on Spotify? Whats the point?


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  • He is your ex, so why should it matter to you so much? You are thinking too much about his behavior.


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  • ... They broke up a week ago...
    Knowing that the Past was no Blast, He didn't want a repeat of His and Her History repeating itself, So he 'Has unfollowed me on Spotify.'
    Apparently too he has this new Broken heart here, dear, of the newbie, And just wants to be left Alone at Home to Lick his War Wounds and Not... Be reminded of Anything nor Anyone to stir up his Brew in a pot that could end up to be Pot Luck again.
    Good luck. xx


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  • It doesn't really matter. Stop trying to analyze his behaviour. There's no significant meaning and if there was and he wanted to share that with you, he would.

  • Hmm well I can relate to this a little lol my boyfriend ended things because of distance and I hoped we would get back together cause I was guna move back in 4 months. I kept holding Ono something that wasn't mine, checking his fb and snap stories. So I decided to delete him from it. It has less to do with you, and more to do with him attempting to move on.

  • doesn't know what he wants, sounds unstable, a pain in the ass and not worthy of your time.


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