Guys, Is not caring a normal part of healing?

I loved my friend but he turned out to be gay and he moved. I was devastated at first but now I'm kinda used to the fact he's gone. I'm still in touch with him (about once a week) but my feelings are numb. I'm not ready to date anyone else because I'm still comparing other guys to him but at the same time I don't care what he's doing. He's still my friend but I don't feel happy or sad about the situation anymore. I just don't feel anything. I guess I've sorta accepted things yet I can't bring myself to look at another guy without thinking of him. I worry about him but at the same time I'm not gonna cry like I did before. I guess I feel stuff but I just am not acting on my emotions and have no desire to. I think I'm just so emotionally conflicted I feel numb to everything. Is this a normal part of the healing process?
This was not meant to be just for guys... I don't know why the website automatically did this but if there's any way to change it let me know... I hate GaG sometimes


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  • Yes, when you are trying to get over something. then not caring is indeed one of best ways to go it and it does help.

  • I think it's normal and good because it sounds like you're over him and you're starting to move on with your life


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