Why I have nightmares whenever she is not in my life? She is not my gf?

Before i met her i was making big decisions in my life and was constantly having nightmares about the past. After i met her the nightmares stopped. When we both left each other lives i had the nightmares again. When we got back the nightmares stopped and now after we left each other again i had a nightmare again. Whats wrong with me? We are not dating or friends we are just a good help and caring about each other.


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  • Probably you think a lot about the past and present and maybe the future so when she came into your life I think she colored your life which in result reduced your stress and you May was thinking in things less than before so you was fine but without her you think a lot.


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  • Your connection is deep and meaningful. You need her, and maybe these nightmares symbolize fear of losing her. Do you want to be with her? What happens in these nightmares?


    • I don't really know i mean she is the nicest person i ever met but i can't trust her as potential girlfriend, however i would like to be her friend. But we always leave each other suddenly and now im trying to move on i can't wait forever. My nightmares started after i tried to leave my past behind. They are mostly about my past my family and the job i used to have. Thanks for the link seems intersting.

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    • Thanks for your input lol... didn't think of that. It took me like 5 years to get a smart phone... so I know how not wanting to get involved with social media can be! Lol. She sounds nice :/ Can you get her number somehow?

    • You are welcome 😝. Yes she is nice. She get happy when she help me. No I can't get her number.

  • I think maybe it is because you both like each other.

  • Seems like you had a close person to tr all to and since she's nolonger around , you haven't been getting things off of your chest as you should.

    • *a close friend to talk to* ... typo

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