How can I get over him and trust again?

My partner just doesn't want me anymore and that's it. He's the first guy I've trusted since being abused by a man when I was younger, he really helped me to trust men and was so patient with me, but nowhe just had enough of me and is being cold. We don't live together and so he's just pretending I don't exist! How do I get over him. I really trusted him and he hurt me so much with the way he's being cold. Was I stupid for falling for this guy? All I think about is him and I'm crying everyday, I don't know what to do.


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  • you'e not stupid, but you have to put your trust in the right person... in the right time.
    sorry for what happened in the past, but what the benefit of crying if you're keep doing the same thing... put trust in someone that will hurt you later?
    you've to give yourself enough space to breathe... to ask yourself why this happened to you twice?
    If you change the way you look at yourself... you'll know the right answer to that question.

    sorry, but there's a fine line between kindness and naivety... know the difference to learn the lesson.

    Good luck...


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  • Love never comes with a guarantee. No one can truly guarantee they’ll never hurt you or never leave you. It's a risk we all take when we fall in love. Sometimes people change, so their feelings change. You aren't stupid for falling in love. You are in love with a guy who is too stupid to appreciate the love you have to give him.

    All you can do is try to move on regardless of how difficult it is. Don't waste feelings, emotions and tears on a guy who doesn't value them. Don't allow the pain and heartbreak you have been through define how you respond to everyone else, because it will prevent you from ever having a fulfilling relationship with a guy who wants to be with you wholeheartedly

    The only trust you need, is to trust yourself to have the strength to get through any potential hurt and heartbreak that you may face.


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  • First work on the reason why he left you.


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  • One thing you'll have to learn is that feelings might fade and there's nothing you can do about that. It doesn't make someone less trustworthy since it's something that's out of their control. He's probably avoiding you in order to give you space and let you move on. If he kept in touch with you and stuck around, it would be a lot harder for you to move on and you might have started pestering him about getting back together or something. Crying is ok to some extent, but you have to pick yourself up and not let yourself mope around too much, because that might also end up preventing you from moving on. Keep yourself busy, hang out with your friends, maybe try some new things. Time will make it better.

  • You have to get him out of ur life Asap... the thing is you are holding on to the hope of him changing and he won't


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