Who would you believe?

You hear your boyfriend is cheating on you...you call the girl which he is supposedly going out with...she tells you everything that he did ask her out...you call him and say you never want to speak to him...he keeps calling you he keeps texting you saying he has no idea who that girl is...this is not the first time you have heard your boyfriend is with other girls...all the evidence is there but your boyfriend keeps telling you he loves you and would never do anything to ruin your relationship...Its just not right and it is suspicious...who would you believe?


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  • Well does that boy say he loves you 2 the girls face or does he look away if he looks in your ayes and says he loves you he means it.x

    Are these girls friends or not if they are your friends talk to them and tell them to tell you the truth.x I have been through the same thing and at the end of the day the girls I did not no wanted mjy boyfriend so lied to me to get to him it did not work as I am still going out with him.xxx

    Ask you boyfriend you want the truth and even ask his friends you should soon find out who is telling you the truth.xx

    Good luke. tell me what happens.xx

    Love louise.x

    • I have done everything you have said he called her for me and told her off and she had said that she was sorry but she wanted him to be hers and all this sh*t his best friend decided to go out with her for me so I could forget about all of this. I'm just so confused I believe him but then again I don't

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  • He's cheating on you. And trying to get you back so he doesn't lose his "girl" I don't know if you have sex but that's probably a reason why, if you do, that he's denying it.

    • Yes we have sex but we haven't had sex in 5 months so why would he still want to be with me if we have no sex? I do not know why he would still want to be with me I am talking right now to the "mistress" and I don't know I kind of do believe her

    • Just tell him to cut the sh*t.

      And tell her to cut the sh*t.

      And get it out in the open.

      Do you blow him?

      Do you mess with him?

      Does he mess with you?


      Maybe it's BECAUSE you haven't had sex in 5 months that he's cheating on you.


    • We haven't done anything sexual in 5 months I did tell him to cut the bullsh*t and to tell me the truth and he is still sticking by his story I told her the same thing and she is also sticking by her story I barely found out from my cousin who is friends with her that she is a stupid eighth grader from a middle school nearby yes that I changed my opinion

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  • If you have heard about him with more than one girl then it is most likely that he is cheating on you. It doesn't matter if he claims that he loves you. He is just keeping you around as a standby. Why didn't you have sex for 5 months? It's not possible to stay in a relationship with out having sex for 5 months. I would suggest that you dump him and move on.

    • Because it is diffuclt for us to have sex we both still live at home with our parents and we still go to school and sometimes he accuses me of only wanting sex from him because I ask so frequentely he tells me "Is that all our relationship is based on?"

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