After breakup my ex is texting me first to chat?

We'd been going out for three months and most everything in our relationship was great, I'm 31 and she's 29. We talked constantly, had amazing sex, and we were very sweet to each other. We became very close in a short amount of time, I know things about her her best friends don't know. After a while she began to withdraw her affections and last week she asked for a break saying she needed time and that she doesn't know if she has feelings for me or not. She has lots of valid reasons for asking for this, she just got out of a nasty divorce earlier this year that left her with nothing, she has a kid, and she has some health problems that could be serious. She said she didn't care if I dated other girls and she wasn't sure what she wanted. The break was fairly amicable and while I didn't beg her I did ask her to reconsider but I did so without being too needy or desperate.

Now, this week she's texted me at least once everyday for the last three days. We've flirted a bit but mostly we talk about stuff we always did. Lots of people suggest no contact but I'm not sure how to proceed. I haven't been contacting her myself, she does all the reaching out. Otherwise I go about my business and leave her be. I very much want her back for several reasons but I'm not going to push for that. My strategy is basically to be myself and see what happens at this point. Am I making a mistake?


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  • No, you're doing everything right! Good luck! :)

    • Can you tell me why you think it's the right thing? I'm just very confused by all this.

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    • I said the same exact things about myself and about him as you are right now. Now that I've had a month of almost zero contact with him there's a whole lot I'm swing now that I didn't before! I do feel (know) I'm great and very different from other women but it doesn't matter if he doesn't want to be with me for whatever reason. You're in this same situation right now. It's not going to be easy for you, I am just warning you now. And you're most likely going to be disappointed. Sorry to say...

    • I know. I'm used to disappointment now, though. It's all I've ever known.

  • She's jsit lonely

    • should I just stop talking to her?

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