Signs he misses you, regrets breakup or wants you back?

What are the signs your ex boyfreind might want you back or regretting the breakup? Is him texting a sign? he is an amazing guy and we connected on every level with many of the similar interets wants for the future etc. I say he's very much like me but in guy form. We broke up but he is not contacting me it started once a week basically and this past week or so its more than once and I have initiated a few times but only after the fact he started. It has not been anything major just like hey whats up and what are you doing or why are you not out somewhere thing like that. and me answering things like just hanging out etc. Just random things like bs. If he wanted to stay friends wouldn't he ask too? So could there be a chance or what? I also want to tell him I miss him eventually even if it doesn't make a difference.


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  • I think he probably doesn't have anyone else right now, so he wrote to you.


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