Are you on great terms with any of your ex's?

My recent ex and I on amazing terms, I stayed the night at his house yesterday, we went to the beach with some friends today, and about 4 days ago we made a bet on who could get with this guy (whose known for being a player) first. We have no tension with each other unless you count the occasional sexual tension. So I was wondering if anyone else has any ex's they're on fantastic terms with.


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  • My only other real boyfriend besides my now husband and I still hang out occasionally. In fact him and another friend of mine just got a house together and we went down to see it, are partying with them this weekend and helping them move in next weekend. He was at my wedding and the whole 9 yards-lol. We dated at 14-15 on and off over 18months... he was my puppylove. I got together with my now husband when I was 16 and we've been together for 13years, 9 years married.

    • Was it weird to have him at your wedding? I always hear you shouldn't do that, but the ex I mentioned we were actually friends for two years and I was openly gay and when he came out as bi people encouraged us to date and I really think that's the only reason we did. We broke up two months later and literally went to the movies together the weekend we broke. I don't think it would be weird to have him at the wedding. Also can I ask how your husband feels? Is he pretty cool with the whole thing?

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    • Keeping friends can be hard and taxing but totally worth it if they are first class people and it sounds like he is so I wish you luck Sir!

    • Thank you and they are. I can't imagine what you guys have been through because you've know each other for so long, but we've only known each other four 2 going on 3 years and we've been through a lot.

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  • they're more neutral than good or bad, which I'm fine with.

  • Nope I am not.


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  • I don't waste time trying to be anything with or too any X's.


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