I feel like an idiot. Should I feel this way?

A year ago I dated a girl, but due to complications with school and work I planned shitty dates, and I think it rubbed her the wrong way. So she stopped responding to my texts, and I really didn't care. We were pretty good friends before we started dating, but I think it was because she really liked me. I had a class with her this semester, and I said hello and she kind of made me feel like I should just leave her alone, so I did. The next class I sat in a different area of the class, and she sat with me. She would ask me if I did my assignments and readings. Eventually when we left class she would walk up and ask me how I did on an assignment or test, and she would joke with me. Every time I would say something she would comment on it too, and I have seen her point me out to her friends on several occasions. It is strange, because some days she wouldn't stop talking to me and kissing my ass. Then other days she acted like I was bothering HER, and acted extremely hostile only towards me. She was hot and cold ALOT!

One day she dropped my class, and said she was going through somethings, but wouldn't tell me what they were. Everyone said I should ask her out because she was obviously into me. So I saw her one day, and told her I liked her, and wanted something more than friendship. She said she only liked me as a friend, and I asked if we could get coffee. She said "yes", and today she said "I don't want any sort of relationship." I said "okay, thanks for being honest!" What is her deal? I kind of feel like an idiot.


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  • She's probably acting moody due to things she is experiencing that have nothing to do with you. And on some days she in a good, friendly mood and wants to socialize, and some days she isn't. It's best not to assume it's all about you.

    • why would she point me out to her friends then?

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    • Didn't say it was all about me. She pointed me out then they giggled when I looked (I felt like I was being watched so I looked around). Her friend said "he looked!" One friend had a class with me, and acted really weird around me, and it made me uncomfortable. And if she like me as a friend why say "I don't want any kind of relationship!" This means "leave me alone" to me. What should I do here?

    • Nothing. If you don't like her behaviour then don't talk to her.

  • Hey Anon, it sounds as though this girl has a lot going on and/or is playing games, and doesn't know what she wants out of life and love, so please don't feel badly. I know that she rejected you and it's impossible not to personalize that, but really when someone is hot and cold like that it's not a good characteristic to have, personally or interpersonally. Think of it this way: if you were to have a relationship with this girl right now, she would be just like this. Nothing would change. Would you be happy? Probably not...


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  • She's boosting her ego maybe, leave her asap


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