Why did my ex block me on Facebook and then three months later unblock me?


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  • Sometimes people make rash decisions when they feel hurt or angry.

    When they've calmed down and become more rational in their thinking they regret making such a hasty decision. Therefore, they try to undo what they did during the time they were thinking was more irrational.

    So when he unblocked you he obviously realised it was a mistake to have blocked you.

    People often react in a negative way to their negative emotions. They say and do things in the heat of the moment but then later regret it.

    • does this mean he regrets the break up and misses me?

    • I would assume he regrets cutting contact with you. It doesn't necessarily mean he want get back with you. Only time will tell.

  • May be he thought that breakup was your fault.
    He later realized that he was just angry and wrong.


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