My Ex is scaring me. What should I do?

So i broke up with him because i did not have enough time for him because of my school work. Then he told me he still wanted to hang out but i warned him i would not have time to date and that i do not want to be too atached to a guy who i do not see a lot (he lives in another city). The night before he texted me if we were still going to see each other again tomorow night, and I said i did not know because I had a lot of revision for exams to do, and he got angry. So I said okay that we could but only for a short while. The next morining I had been revising the whole morining like crazy, but I still had so much to go through. Then he texted me asking me it was the last chance and i should tell him yes or no. So i explained that i had to much work. Then he answered a smiley face, and told me I actually did it and that there was going to be a price that i will get soon enough. What does this mean? It scared me a bit.


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  • You already asked this. And I'll say again that you should turn to the police.

    • Yeah i am sorry because i realized after that I wanted to make it short for people to read it, and I need 24 hours before i can delete it.

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  • I'm not sure what exactly it means either. It seems like a threat. But an indirect one. Screenshot those messages and save them. In the meantime he could just be trying to scare you but be cautious


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